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Digital Merchandising –
Uncovering Diamonds in the Data

The fight for shelf space is a persistent, ongoing battle in which consumer goods (CG) companies are continually aiming to arm themselves with new and innovative technologies that will enable them to outwork, outsmart and outperform the competition. So how can CG teams take their organization to the next level?

Lab4Motion and StayinFront co-hosted a complimentary webinar with Wojciech Stramski, CEO and Co-Founder at Lab4Motion and Clarence Dent, Vice President Southeast Asia and Australasia at StayinFront, Inc. who discussed how you can use image recognition as a competitive advantage in order to sell more.

The webinar includes:

  • The Situation at Shelf
  • How to Turn Pictures into Profits
  • Benefits of Digital Merchandising
  • Accuracy and Performance of the Solution
  • Q&A Session


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