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Artificial Image Intelligence & Video Recognition Technology

StayinFront Digital innovative and proprietary image recognition technology supported by artificial intelligence learning algorithms to recognize products on pictures. Our unique image recognition capabilities are utilized in the processing of video to analyze and understand the behavior of individuals in physical retail environments. All the data captured is processed using complex statistical algorithms to provide exceptional and valuable creative metrics

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Real-time business analytics

Real-time business analytics

  1. Product Masterfile data is captured and algorithms are taught to recognize SKUs and products
  2. Pictures are taken in the field and supported by device-side photo-validation to ensure photo quality
  3. Pictures are uploaded for processing
  4. Pictures are analyzed to identify SKUs and their positioning.  Continuous self-learning improves the quality of the recognition
  5. High-level metrics, alerts, and exception reports are generated and provided to different levels of the organization
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Video Recognition Technology

  1. Physical zones of interest such as service desks, product displays/shelves, entrance/exit, and aisles are defined
  2. Cameras are mounted and configured. Stitching of multiple camera views can capture entire floor plan
  3. Video is captured and translated into code in real-time – in compliance with privacy regulations
  4. Algorithms interpret the code in real time
  5. High level metrics, alerts, notifications and exception reports are generated and provided to different levels of the organization
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