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Meet StayinFront Digital’s leadership team. Our team has extensive experience in sales, consulting, engineering and technology. StayinFront Digital’s team is focused on providing our consumer goods and retail customers with fast, accurate and cost-effective information to make better decisions and achieve the greatest ROI.

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Archel Aguilar

Archel Aguilar

Managing Director, StayinFront Group Australia Pty Ltd.

Archel is responsible for the Australia and New Zealand markets and operations throughout the Asia Pacific region. He joined the team in 2003 with extensive experience in the computer software industry. His skills and experiences working with Business Processes, Requirements Gathering and Analysis, Agile Methodologies, Project Management and Customer Relationship Management have helped him work his way through the ranks.

Prior to his time with StayinFront, Archel was with Aegis Equities, a company whose focus is on equities, hybrid securities, structured product, property and implemented research.

Archel earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Data Science and Innovation.