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Interactive Shelf

Assess on-shelf availability and placement, perform competitive comparisons, and analyze trends through highly efficient and accurate image recognition software that easily integrates with your existing sales force automation or CRM solution.

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Interactive Shelf

Take your Digital Merchandising performance to the next level and increase your field reps’ productivity.


To see Interactive Shelf in action, be sure to check out our video:



Interactive Shelf

Be Compliant and Accurate 

Missing on-shelf inventory, misplaced displays and promotional non-compliance, can result in up to 14% of lost sales for consumer goods manufacturers. StayinFront Digital Interactive Shelf leverages processed shelf images to create an easy-to-use, highly interactive user interface that enables them to perform in-store activities more quickly and accurately.


Access Useful Tools with a Tap on Product 

Interactive Shelf visually highlights incorrect and missing items with just a tap on a product image, and then captures feedback from the reps and learns from it. Users can access StayinFront TouchCG® system functions using images of the shelf instead of grids of rows and columns, enabling them to easily complete data-intensive tasks such as Audits and Orders.


Interactive Shelf Capabilities

  • Easily determine products that are out-of-stock or missing
  • Order products directly from tapping on an image
  • Quickly search for items by typing the product name to see where the product was on the previous interactive shelf
  • Access previous visit or planogram data or create new ones by using included templates without the need to take more photos
  • RDI Retail Data Insight can be integrated into Interactive Shelf to automatically generate alerts, identify items that require attention and filter the associated “Size of Prize” for fixing these issues


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