Digital Merchandising Solutions

Assess on-shelf availability and placement, perform competitive comparisons, and analyze trends through highly efficient and accurate image recognition software that easily integrates with your existing sales force automation or CRM solution.

Fast Reliable Cost Effective Solution

Fast, Reliable & Cost-effective

Obtain greater and more accurate information that is not possible with manual data collection. Our self-learning algorithms save companies time, eliminate human error and deliver accuracy levels up to 96%+.

The Diamonds are in the Data

The Diamonds are in the Data

Analyze performance trends of:

  • Specific stores
  • Distribution chains or distribution networks
  • Merchandisers by region
  • Store type
  • Channel
  • Key account

Track 100s of Powerful Metrics

Store Execution Powerful Metrics

…and many more!


Reduce Out of Stocks

Reduce Out of Stocks

Given global out of stock rates are at 8% (and nearly twice as high for promotional items), digital merchandising provides timely visibility into out of stocks.

  • Eliminate human error and gather store data efficiently, consistently and accurately
  • Identify product availability and facings with up to 96%+ accuracy
  • Analyze performance and trends by SKU, Brand and Category
Improve Shelf and Planogram Compliance

Improve Shelf and Planogram Compliance

Automate and optimize your store audit and compliance processes.  Decrease time spent checking critical compliance metrics by up to 50%.

  • Re-allocate rep’s time to more valuable sales activities
  • Accurately assess the impact of planograms and shelf profile on sales
  • Direct your sales teams to activities with the greatest uplift by understanding your product exposure vs competitors – by region, channel and store
  • Optimize Perfect Store initiatives with the proper requirements and compliance enforcement
Adding Power with EPoS


Combine digital merchandising and EPoS data for greater insight and visibility.

  • Better understand a SKU’s performance based on its positioning, facings and average sales per facing and shelf location

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