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Artificial Neural Networks – How it is Used in the Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Friday, March 31, 2020 by : StayinFront Digital
Learn how the the use of ANN can help fight the pandemic.

Recently, I wrote about the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the technology used by StayinFront Digital in the retail sector to recognize photos, videos and information provided on their basis.

This time, I wanted to present some AI applications in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, the whole world is working on solutions that enable limiting and eventually extinguishing COVID-19. One of the tools that are used by research centers around the world are Artificial Neural Networks (ANN).

Here are some examples of the use of ANN to fight a pandemic:

– Scientists are using AI technology to work on a drug for COVID-19. As soon as the coronavirus became a global problem, it was decided that the latest technology, including AI, should be involved to accelerate vaccine development, which could accelerate the identification of an existing drug that could be used to treat people infected with COVID-19.

– Systems that use AI to monitor multiple cameras simultaneously, and automatically send alerts on detection of people with elevated temperatures to the right cells, can be another example of the application of this technology. Such a system can be more efficient than testing large groups of people using portable thermometers operated by people.

– Another example, is the use of AI to track information on infectious diseases around the world. AI algorithms process information from hundreds of sources for the early detection of infectious epidemics. With such a large amount of information generated worldwide every day, AI algorithms can help provide relevant information and find correlations between data points.

– Work is underway on an AI system that can detect coronavirus in chest CT scans. According to the researchers, the system has the ability to achieve 96% accuracy. Trained AI based on data from thousands of cases can carry out the test in tens of seconds, as opposed to several minutes needed to diagnose a patient by a human.

And finally a short reminder, What is a Neural Network?

The neural network is software that is essentially similar to the way the human brain’s neurons works. Neural networks include various technologies such as deep learning and machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI).

Most business applications and commercial companies use these technologies. Their main goal is to solve complex problems such as pattern recognition including: CPG, voice-to-text transcription, data analysis, handwriting recognition and many more.

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